Agricultural Irrigation

Greenfield Mnipivot Irrigator 400 MP

Advanced Water Technologies have access to the right products that offer turnkey solutions for your field.  From pumping systems to soil moisture sensors, advanced controls to GPS positioning, there’s a product for every grower and every field.  With so many choices and options, Zimmatic by Lindsay can customize a unique system that maximizes time, labor and water savings for your individual needs.

Growers around the world rely on up to date technology to add value, reduce risk and take full advantage of every growing season.

Get More Value Out of Less WaterPumpstation
Getting the correct amount of water on your crop at the right time is crucial to getting top yields, but it’s also important to apply it uniformly. Irrigation systems bring a cost-effective solution to alleviate risk when the weather turns dry.

Increased Yields

Uniform application of water chemicals and fertilisation generally results in improved plant yield growth and quality. The correct irrigation system can provide proper application to every part of your field throughout the growing season, even in those areas that are currently over or under irrigated.

Reduced Water and Chemical Waste
Because water and chemicals are applied uniformly over the field, a pivot or lateral system produces less waste, especially when compared to flood. With the correct system, you get even, precise water application across the field.