Domestic Water Filtration

TankSafe – Rain Water Purifyer

The ‘Newest Cost-effective’ way of purifying your tank water


Your Solution for all types of stored water Innovative product for rainwater treatment system that can kill up to 99.9% of all germs, bacteria and viruses in your rainwater.

Rainwater, carted water and water that is pumped up from bores and dams all have the potential to be unsafe. The TankSafe formula can vastly improve the safety of these water supplies. It is a recognized and approved product for treating drinking water by the National Health Medical research council.




TankSafe Protection

  • TankSafe killes germs, viruses, biofilms, and other pathogens
  • TankSafe leaves a residue in the water ensuring the bacteria can’t occur
  • TankSafe is colourless and odourless making it excellent for drinking water
  • TankSafe will protect your tank water for up to 2 months, unlike chlorine which dissipates quickly.

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