Fire Fighting Pumps

Be prepared this fire season. Protecting your property against fire is a high priority within our rural and city edge community.
The range of Onga BlazeMaster engine drive fire fighting pumps has been designed specifically for this reason.
Onga pumps perform reliably in almost any situation and are available in a wide range of petrol, diesel, recoil and electric start engines.

Rain Water Tanks

Easy to order, install and maintain.

Camel Tanks are designed to meet your water conservation and collection needs.

Solar Hot Water

Do you want solar hot water for longer?

Installing an Apricus Solar Hot Water System is one of the most effective steps any household can take in reducing their carbon footprint.

BUY NOW and save money on your ever rising electricity bills!


Advanced Water Technologies (AWT) believe the best workmanship begins with a commitment to stand out in a unique manner in each and every stage of construction. AWT also offers “maintenance packages” from design through to construction of your irrigation needs including project management as required. Contact us today.

Advanced Water Technologies is more than just a shop selling pumps.
If you are after cheap imports, sorry, but we aren't the guys for you.

You would be SURPRISED at the range of products that we sell. Are you a BOATIE well come and see us.... everything from the NORMAL to the UNUSUAL.

When you come into our shop or our experienced techs visit your site, you can rest assured the advice given to you is based upon countless years of successful field experience ranging from domestic irrigation and pumps, large scale irrigation and complicated pumping solutions including solar powered installations.

An often forgotten aspect is also water quality and Advanced Water Technologies specialises in water treatment and filtration systems custom designed to suit your needs.
For those householders seeking innovative technology in hot water, go no further than our "Apricus Tube Solar Hot Water".